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April 25, 2008

The roll-out of David Mamet’s Redbelt continues with an in depth feature on ESPN Page 2. The entire piece is worth reading, but here are a few interesting exerts.

On MMA in Hollywood:

Despite MMA’s increasing popularity and appeal to the coveted 18-34 demographic, Hollywood has been reluctant to get in line with MMA-themed big-screen fare. “Everybody in Hollywood passed on it,” Mamet says of his arduous journey to sell the project. “One of the things I talked about (in the pitch) was the demographics of UFC. Look at who goes to these fights. Look at how many follow on TV. It’s huge among young males, exactly the demographic studios are trying to reach. You’re wondering how you can get these people to see a film? Well, this is your answer. The reaction was baffling.

On Never Back Down:

“Here’s the difference — this movie is not an attempt to capitalize on a phenomenon,” says Mamet, when asked about “Never Back Down.” “If it happens that, synergistically, there’s a phenomenon out there that’s going to help people get into the movie theaters, I’m happy for it. ‘Wag the Dog,’ my script about the president having an affair with an underage girl, came out exactly at the same time that the Clinton scandal broke. Nobody planned that. It worked out that way. The film must succeed on its merits.”

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