Latest on HDNet v. Zuffa: Resolution by End of Summer Appears Likely

April 28, 2008

On April 9, a Federal Judge remanded HDNet Fights’ declaratory judgment action against Zuffa to Texas state court. The case was officially reopened on April 15 and the proceedings to determine Couture’s contractual status are progressing quickly. With HDNet’s lawyers reportedly pushing the pace, a resolution of the case by the end of the summer appears more and more likely.

Court records obtained by show that Zuffa filed a motion to dismiss on April 21, while HDNet filed a motion for summary judgment on April 23. The motion to dismiss is scheduled to be heard on May 19, while the motion for summary judgment will be heard on June 2. However, details on the case will become increasingly difficult to obtain thanks to Zuffa’s motion to seal the proceedings.

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