Pavlik-Taylor II Posts 250,000 Buys

March 26, 2008

The Kelly Pavlik-Jermaine Taylor rematch on 2/16 did 250,000 buys on pay-per-view. The number was considered disappointing, especially in light of speculation by HBO officials the day before the show that the fight could do 350,000-415,000 buys. Bob Arum blamed Taylor’s management for exercising an immediate rematch rather than taking an interim fight.

“[HBO] got what they deserved. They keep dealing with a guy (Haymon) who doesn’t have a manager’s license. He’s a so-called adviser. We begged them: Let’s do a tune-up fight (with) both guys on (the same card) and then we’d go in together… You don’t have a fight where one guy gets knocked out on regular HBO and then come back on pay-per-view and ask people to buy it. You don’t do that,” Arum told Yahoo! Sports.

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