IFL-FSN Set to Extend Partnership

March 24, 2008

MMAPayout.com has confirmed that tomorrow the IFL will announce an extension of its partnership with Fox Sports Net. Season three of the IFL’s weekly one-hour “Fight Night” program will air consistently on Saturday night at midnight local time across FSN’s affiliates. The new season will debut on April 19 featuring the IFL World Grand Prix Finals from 12/29.

While not as sexy as recently announced network television deals, the new consistent time slot is a significant upgrade for the company on FSN. Previously, the program was hard to find due to scheduling differences and preemptions across the network’s various regional affiliates. With a defined national time slot, the company can now promote its FSN programming more effectively. The Midnight Saturday night slot is also considered attractive because of its appeal to the 18-34 year old male demographic which is the key component of MMA viewership and the lack of competition from other sports programming.

Sources close to the deal have told MMAPayout.com that unlike speculation about other recent television deals, the IFL-FSN partnership is not a time buy, but rather a revenue sharing agreement. In comparison, NBC is reportedly offering a time buy at 2:00 AM on Saturday night for $2 million.

The IFL is also expected to add several more international clearances to its television portfolio later this week. The company’s programming currently airs in over 70 countries world wide.

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