Couture Litigation Grows More Complex

March 28, 2008

The legal war between Randy Couture, Zuffa and HDNet Fights continues to heat up with the parties engaged in an increasingly complex set of litigation that includes two separate lawsuits, in Nevada and Texas respectively, and now an arbitration proceeding in Nevada.

On March 7, Zuffa filed for arbitration on Couture’s promotional contract, pursuant to the terms of the agreement, in Nevada district court. The action marks the first time that Zuffa has formally made the promotional contract the issue of legal proceedings.

According to Zuffa, the proceeding will “necessarily require resolution of disputes between Zuffa and Couture over key terms of the promotional agreement,” including those at issue in the HDNet Fights declaratory judgment action in Texas state court.

The action also continues in Texas. On March 13, Zuffa filed a notice of removal to federal district court in HDNet’s declaratory judgment action brought against the company in Texas district court last month. [FULL STORY at SHERDOG.COM]

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