UFC 78 Business Notes

November 30, 2007

  • The show drew 14,071 paid for a gate of $2.14 million.
  • The arena was reportedly at about 90% capacity with all the tickets under $200 sold out (which happened immediately) and the $300 and up tickets moving slower.
  • Prior to UFC 78, the company increased the bonuses for best fight, best submission, and best knockout from $40,000 to $55,000 each in an effort to ensure entertaining fights and provide a strong incentive to finish fights. The company was then left frustrated with the results which saw three of the main card fights go to decisions despite the increased financial incentive. As a result there wasn’t time to air the fight of night, Thiago Avles TKO victory over Chris Lytle. The lesson learned was that bigger bonuses, large enough to now pay significantly more than contracted payouts to all but the top fighters, failed to change the fighters’ mentality of playing it cautious to win.

SOURCE: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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