Michael Eisner Interviews Dana White on CNBC Tonight

November 28, 2007

UFC President Dana White will be a guest on Conversations with Michael Eisner tonight at 9PM eastern on CNBC (replay at 12AM). From CNBC.com:

It was once called “barbaric” but today mixed martial arts – a combination of judo, wrestling and boxing – is racking up big television deals and product endorsements. Dana White is the business brains behind the sports biggest brand – the UFC. Join Michael Eisner as he takes to the ring for an exciting inside look at one of the fastest growing entertainment attractions in the U.S.

This new series features 60 minutes of freewheeling and probing dialogue conducted by one of the most dynamic and accomplished leaders in business. Unlike any other interiew program on television, “Conversations with Michael Eisner” re-creates the experience of being at a power lunch with the giants of their industries. The interviews will focus on the importance of creativity and innovation in all pursuits, from business to politics to entertainment.

UFC.com plugged White’s appearance and noted that the show will feature an exclusive first look at the company’s new fine art book Octagon.

UPDATECNBC.com has posted a preview clip from the interview. In the clip White discusses contract negotiations and going public.

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