Quick Notes on Jay Larkin's Conference Call

October 30, 2007

IFL President Jay Larkin held a conference call this afternoon regarding this weekend’s IFL Grand Prix. Larkin will be supervising the first live prime time network broadcast of MMA from England where he will also be fulfilling a previous commitment to HBO Sports to produce the Calzaghe-Kessler bout.

  • Being live is “incredibly important” because of the internet.
  • Larkin is “comfortable” that the IFL’s relationship with MyNetworkTV will continue.
  • Overall ratings are only one way to judge success, have to consider not only how many viewers, but who is watching. IFL delivers good demographics.
  • This Saturday’s event represents the first time the network has sold out the IFL’s commercial inventory. Larkin believes being live has a lot to do with it.
  • Discussions for live coverage of 12/29 Grand Prix Finals will begin next week, but obviously a lot depends on what happens this weekend.
  • Larkin said he has had causal talks with HBO. Regarding the UFC on HBO, “whoever let the UFC-HBO deal fall apart made a major mistake.” Deal would have elevated MMA.

MMAPayout.com will have more details from the Larkin conference call later today.

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