UFC Notes

September 27, 2007

More from S&P:

  • “We believe UFC has a growing, niche following, which should add stability to the company’s financial profile.” – from S&P Report Major North American Sports Leagues’ Business Risk Profiles Still Solid Desite Recent Scandals.

Dana White on the record after UFC 76 (compiled from: CBS Sportsline and MMA Weekly):

  • On Liddell-Silva: “We’ve got to sit back and look at things. There’re a lot of different fights that we could make off of this one. First, Chuck needs to decide what Chuck wants to do and [then] we’ll figure it out. [Silva vs. Liddell] had the possibility of being the biggest fight ever in mixed martial arts history.”
  • On the Lightweight Title: “Joe Stevenson will fight B.J. Penn for the vacated title if Sherk is suspended. I will wait until the decision is final though before scheduling the fight.”
  • On Fedor: “I think that Fedor, right now, the word is he wants to fight in this Sambo event, but I won’t let him fight in it if he’s with us. I think he’s going to wait until he fights in this thing in October, November, and we’ll probably come to a deal with him at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.”
  • On competition: “I am not impressed by the competition. I did see the EliteXC show the other week, and it was good, but they are so far away it’s not funny.”
  • On HDnet FiGHTS: “I like Mark Cuban. He’s a good guy, but he is going to lose a lot of money with his new venture.”

Notes from Dave Meltzer:

  • Final attendance numbers for UFC 75 at the O2 Arena in London: 16,235 (13,959 paid) sellout, $2,717,200 gate.
  • Legislation is now in place in Illinois which will bring MMA under the auspices of the state athletic commission on 6/1/08 (however there is some movement to get the start date moved up to 1/1/08). The UFC is planning a major show for the Chicago market late next year. The next targets for regulation are South Carolina and Tennessee.
  • A&E is filming a Randy Couture documentary.
  • The next edition of the Ultimate Fighter will be cast in December, shot in January and February, and debut in April.

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