UFC: Establishing a Brand Name

September 24, 2007

Below is a link to an interesting article on the UFC’s branding efforts. Zuffa has hired an outside marketing firm to establish the UFC as the gold standard of the MMA brand in the United States. The article says the $20 million dollar ad campaign is currently on hold as Zuffa explores how best to fit Pride into its branding strategy. Not sure how current that is, since all public indications are that the Pride brand does not figure into company’s future plans. Key quote:

“Football is the NFL,” said Paul McGuire, vice president, integrated media at R&R. “The ultimate goal is you don’t say MMA, you say UFC. UFC represents mixed martial arts. It’s kind of like Coke and Kleenex. You don’t say, ‘I want a soda,’ you say, ‘I want a Coke.’ You don’t say, ‘I want a tissue,’ you say you want a Kleenex.”

Complete article: UFC: Brand Us Mixed Martial Arts Standard

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