Final Word (?) on Zuffa's Acquisition of Pride

September 18, 2007

As a privately held company, we may never know the full details of Zuffa’s complex acquisition of Pride. We do know that because of the structure of the deal and the way things played out, the company ended up with little more than a tape library. However, the price tag apparently wasn’t anywhere close to the reported $65 million when all was said and done, thanks to the structure of the deal including the use of a third party holding company. Whatever the price and result, Zuffa admits no regrets. Dana White recently told Dave Meltzer:

The worst deal ever done in the history of business… [Pride] was totally bankrupt. They were out of money and had nothing. We wanted the company so we went in and bought it. It didn’t matter how fucked it was, how crazy the deal was, we got what we wanted.

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